Yellow Cotton Bayside is a Fishing Charter in Alexandria, LA

Yellow Cotton Bayside in Alexandria, LA has custom-built cypress vacation cabins and provides access to excellent fishing charters, delivering to you the ultimate vacation experience. Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, we could have saved a lot of time, money and effort by simply renting trailers to continue business. But in the end, we didn't; we opted instead to rebuild from the ground up, and now we deliver only the best access to recreational fishing and vacation rentals around. Our cabin rentals come with all the lodgings and accommodations you could ask for, so if you're needing the ideal vacation spot, look no further than Yellow Cotton Bayside.

From our cabins, you can access services for fishing guides and inshore or offshore charters. The fresh/salt water charters are exactly what you need for an exciting journey and bountiful catch. These waters are just right for family or business fishing trips, so you can come on down no matter what you're planning. When you're looking for a trip with superb fishing, make your short or long term vacation rentals at Yellow Cotton Bayside with our business and family cabin rentals.

It was our commitment to bringing guests an unforgettable vacation experience that helped us rebuild after Katrina. We're ready to deliver that experience for whatever your needs are, family cabin rentals, recreational fishing or corporate fishing charters, and we will deliver it with the utmost quality and affordability. For only the best vacation rentals and fishing charters, please contact us at Yellow Cotton Bayside today.


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What Makes Us Proud

  • Both Short and Long Term Rentals Available.
  • Cypress Vacation Cabins, Custom-Built.
  • High Quality and Affordable Accommodations.

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  • Alexandria
  • Baton Rouge
  • New Orleans
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